Life and Cupcakes

Sorry for not updating for awhile, this month has been crazy! Between job hunting, both mine and Chris’s birthdays, and finishing up Katsucon commissions…I haven’t had time for anything. But never fear, things are slowly going back to normal.

I still don’t have good pictures of the commissions I did for Katsucon, but hopefully I will get some soon. My client was SUPER happy with them, especially Howl, and I even got some new clients who saw my work and were impressed! I knew I should have sent him out with business cards XD

Birthdays were fantastic, and I made cupcakes for both myself and Chris. Unfortunately they were devoured too fast for pictures to be taken, but I’ll just take that as a compliment to my baking skills. Mine were Apple Spice Cupcakes with homemade Cream Cheese Frosting. The frosting turned out a bit too runny to pipe onto the cupcakes, so we made do with dipping them. Oh man, that frosting….I still have a tub of it in the fridge and every now and then I’ll sneak a spoonful. Recipe to come, once I work out some kinks. Chris’s cupcakes were regular yellow vanilla cake with dark chocolate frosting. I cheated and used box mix, but added an extra egg and used milk instead of water. I decorated them to look like tiny hamburgers to go with his birthday meal- Bacon Cheeseburgers with Bacon Cheddar Fries and broccoli, with a bee-sting on the side. What’s a bee-sting? Why, it’s a delicious drink found at the MD Renaissance Festival made with Mead and Hard Cider. We got them when we went for our anniversary and ever since…Chris won’t shut up about it. It’s pretty dang fantastic.

So, other than that, there isn’t much of anything new going on in my world. I should have some new and interesting things to post about soon (a few exciting commissions), so just keep checking 🙂


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